The new list of CEO Xu Da the content of entrepreneurship is facing reshuffle WeChat public faces re


Author / Gao Qingxiu

, the first: the entertainment capital (yulezibenlun)

2016, the content of the new media sector to become the annual high frequency vocabulary.

this year, a single platform slowdown, investment tends to calm, the new media ushered in a time when the whole platform confrontation. Flow value, advertising revenue, content providers, short video IP…… More and more new terms make people feel that commercialization is the core driving force of this year’s new media revolution.

behind these new media, can not be separated from a content provider to provide a variety of commercial services platform – the new list. Not only limited to WeChat, the new list of services in fact, including today’s headlines, micro-blog, UC, Taobao headlines, Himalaya FM mobile terminal multi platform.

2016, the content of entrepreneurship "this word is first proposed in the beginning of the new Congress on the 2017 list, the new list of the theme of the conference is" content iteration when the wind blows "," iteration "will still be the annual hot words


in mid December 2016 in the North Fourth Ring of a cafe, a small entertainment to see the new list founder and CEO Shedane. At that time, he said a very important judgment, in 2017, the industrial capital will be heavily into the content of the venture capital industry, especially the number of WeChat marketing class will usher in a large number of public reshuffle.

"in fact from the new data in the list have felt this trend, a few days ago, Legg Mason culture 300 million valuation of the acquisition in October, the famous fellow uncle; grassroots media goofy media founder owns the sale of 23 million female fans and the public number, special electricity supplier App male clothing library. There are some industrial capital in the new list to ask, what are the good content of entrepreneurial team? "Said Xu da.

did not expect this conversation soon after, founder Li Jing put his well-known marketing public number "Li Jiaoshou" to nearly 100 million of the valuation sold to Baidu, turned vice president of Baidu Inc. This once again proves that Xu Da judge: not only financial capital into the big industry giants began to enter the PGC industry.

Xu Da believes that by 2017, this trend will be more obvious reshuffle, those companies can get A round of financing may become less is more round after B.

new focus on the content of the service industry, basically not cast CP company

filed a new list, a lot of people can think of this is a platform for content providers to provide services, but do not know the company’s specific business model and product form. In fact, the new list began in September 2016, it has been profitable. At present, the company is divided into five major business segments.

1, new list data. This is the new list of the most basic business, data gathered around the new list for corporate government agencies, including from the media agencies, providing online and offline data consulting

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