SSD solid state hard disk cloud host will become the mainstream of the world’s Secret linkage of its

cloud hosting market 2013-2014 years, cloud computing has gradually developed into the practice of mature stage, Iaas cloud hosting providers also identified in 2013 for the struggle victory, has been the price war stage, low clouds, low price has become the current trend of the market, but there are also some cloud service providers are serious make a product, do real customer.

China’s 8 major Iaas cloud hosting service providers in the world other service providers in the launch of the memory of the cloud host to sell about 50 yuan, when he is doing 1G memory cloud hosting $49 yuan. When the cloud hosting market can not realize such vicious spiral do, strengthen product improvement, launched a SSD SSD Storage Cloud host, and in order to let customers have a good experience, to truly experience the good advantage of cloud hosting, also launched a preferential price experience, 1G memory SSD SSD Storage Cloud host only 142 yuan.

It is reported that

, because the SSD solid state disk read and write performance is very good, read and write speed than traditional hard disk 100 times higher, this is also destined to a very high price, at the cost of huge upgrading of domestic can provide SSD SSD Storage Cloud host ISSA cloud host few, linked as one of the world a handful of, but also fully embodies the emphasis on the customer experience, although other services are provided, but the price is very expensive, what websites and businesses can choose to use the SSD SSD cloud host


first, large sites, these sites are relatively large traffic, speed requirements are relatively high, with SSD solid state hard disk cloud host, to enhance the customer experience of the site.

second, for some online e-commerce platform, because every minute to order, if the speed does not work, may miss a lot of orders.

third, the game and online interactive platform, needless to say, play games, online interaction, etc., need is speed, but some of these customers have a lot of restrictions, ISSA cloud hosting many do not do.

In fact,

for cloud hosting, cloud hosting the biggest regret is that the IO speed is not ideal, such as Ali cloud hosting and cloud hosting, many customers are complaining about the speed of hard disk. If the IO value is too low, then run a large web site and database, it will be very difficult card, prone to program paralysis. Through the advantages of SSD hard disk, you can perfectly solve the pain of cloud hosting users.

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