Where to leave Zhuang Chenchao opened a convenience store on the business day went to try some

February 10th morning, Zhongguancun Suzhou Street branch bank building, a company called "convenience bee" convenience store opened. The hornet brand LOGO convenience store backing is not small, reportedly, "convenience bee" convenience store behind the leader is to go where the network founder and CEO, after the departure of Zhuang Chenchao created zebra capital.

is currently Zhongguancun branch bank building nearby, such as the convenience store convenience bee has 3 companies from the outside, in addition to the different brands LOGO, convenient bee truly do not see what is special. Today morning on the first day of trial operation, the TechWeb into the store a lot of experience.



note: convenience stores

bee branch bank building

shopping: App, small programs and the store

test business on the first day, the two dressed in orange vest staff in front of the convenience of the bee shop leaflets, introducing preferential information. TechWeb found in addition to shopping in the store to buy goods, but also to facilitate the promotion of the same name App and small programs.

TechWeb download registration App found that the end of the mobile terminal to display the classification and varieties of goods, and Rosen, 711, every day there is no special home compared.


as a technology driven convenience store business, if it is just a copy of 711 seems too boring. Convenience bee biggest convenience is that it can support the mobile phone App scan code shopping. Users in the store fancy any commodity can open App, click the scan code shopping two-dimensional code scanning.



after the completion of the payment in the mobile phone App page will generate a two-dimensional code, a shop before the scan code machine brush two-dimensional code to complete the verification, to complete the shopping. Save money the cashier scan code process, greatly shorten the time of shopping program.


TechWeb is found in the experience of the process, the identification of the two-dimensional code machine appeared to signal interruption, the page displays cannot identify two-dimensional code words, the clerk explained that this machine often happens, may also need to adjust.

convenience bee also provides online orders to the store from mentioning the service, TechWeb orders to buy a bottle of beverage, after the payment is completed, generating a four digit delivery code. After entering the shop that is a special mention from the area, after the delivery of the code, the staff on the iPad to find the corresponding orders, delivery code verification confirmed that the goods will be handed over to me.


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