The new top-level domain domain name drought, eventually slow shake COM CN domain name registration

is the only domain name, can not be repeated, let it become a scarce resource, especially in the era of the Internet in twenty-first Century, the domain name is one part of the network economy is essential, is a valuable intangible asset. Since ICANN announced the opening of a new top-level domain for the emergence of new top-level domains increase the domain name market supply in the first half of this year, the new top-level domain (.Wang/. / network company. The registered trademark),.Com/.cn and other gTLDs and what changes?

According to well-known

website HosterStats data released statistics show that: as the world’s most popular and hot.Com domain name domain name registration in the first half of 2014 has maintained a steady and rapid growth, the amount of about 1 million 700 thousand new domain name registration; and the amazing development speed of.Cn domain name, seems to be beyond the.Com instead of the attitude, although the fact has not yet become. But only in the first half of 2014 of the 360 thousand new domain name registrations, the rapid development of the.ORG/.INFO, and allow all doubt; domain name slightly affected by the new top-level domain, the domain name registration reduced the volume of the situation.

more information from the overall point of view, although the new top-level domain, the domain name market supply increased, to some extent alleviate the drought, resulting in domain name part of the domain name registration volume declined, but the first half of this year.Com/.cn domain name registrations showed a growth trend. Eight domestic domain registrar linkage of the world ( as you explain the mystery behind:

a ".Com domain name is king" become a common consensus

.Com is the first time to use the domain name suffix, the longest, cross domain most widely, the biggest impact is the symbol of the domain name,.Com domain name is king "has become a widespread consensus, almost all international enterprises are registered.Com domain name.

second, the investment direction more clear, targeted

with the development of network economy, whether it is business or personal, on their investment direction are more clear and for.Cn/.us in recent years, countries such as domain name registration is a road sweeping growth, while the new top-level domain. /. /. Mall network company and other industry segments are widely favored by the people. Such as the.Cn domain, which has a strong "Chinese breath", regardless of domestic and multinational companies, will.Cn domain name registration, clear marks for the China market can, can achieve rapid China localization.

three, the major distributors to low prices staking

.Com/.cn generic top-level domain name domain name market is a big cake, which has been the focus of the Registrar with the market, then we can see all kinds of registration are nowadays playing a typical "seize the market price war", the mainstream domain name can usually very affordable and low cost to register. Such as linkage world.C>

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