The domain name under the banyan tree prepared against want.

      webmaster network admin5.com4 13 pm news, it is reported that Zhu Weilian has completely abandoned the acquisition under the banyan tree, and will start a new banyan site. Friends said, Zhu Weilian repeatedly borrow to talk about the acquisition under the banyan, and launched a new approach under the banyan tree, suspected of speculation, so far, the "new banyan tree" has not appeared in the network.

      webmaster network editor learned that, as the pressure of the banyan side, it seems to have done a good job of preventive measures, in 09 years in February 20th to enable the domain name The domain of nature than the original domain is much better, number of short, but also is the "banyan" two words a bit to Larry, old banyan all feeling, the weights in the search engine’s influence is great.

      also the netizen doubt, Zhu Weilian has secretly acquired literary website under the banyan, because under the banyan value no longer, so to cause the attention of speculation.

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