Fly theater pornographic Web 90 owners jailed for five and a half years.

is an online news website "Feifei Theatre" offered by the defendant 90 often certain to improve the site click rate to earn illegal profits, by using the corresponding program on the website directly links more than 350 pornographic videos, the website has become a worthy of the name of porn sites. The day before, Yuhui District Court of Anhui city of Bengbu province first instance to the dissemination of pornographic materials and sentenced the defendant Moumou often five years and six months imprisonment, fined six thousand yuan. With 90 webmaster has been jailed, "Feifei Theatre" pornographic websites shattered.

identified by the trial, the defendant Moumou often access to the Internet website advertising agency fees, in October 25, 2009 registered "" domain name on the Internet application, and the rental of the Internet space opened "" movie website for Internet users to provide free online video service, and self maintenance and management. In mid February 2010, the defendant Moumou often in order to improve the website advertisement click rate, set up a "zero cinema" column on the website from the Internet and collected more than 500 network video provides direct links on its website management. After identification, of which 357 pornographic videos, and the defendant is often so aware of the collected video for pornographic videos. After the defendant Moumou often acting in its "100 advertising alliance" profit of RMB 1000.9 yuan, in the "899 advertising alliance" profit of RMB 244.16 yuan, in the "kuxun advertising alliance" profit of RMB 582.56 yuan, in the "Baidu advertising alliance" profit of RMB 1390.39 yuan, the total acquisition of all kinds of advertising fee of RMB 3218.01 yuan. In April 1, 2011, the public security organs after the investigation, the defendant’s residence in accordance with the law is searched and seized on the spot a notebook computer, the host computer and a hard disk, bank cards and leaflets and other tools of crime.

court held that the defendant Moumou often access to the Internet website advertising agency fees, ignore national laws, in violation of the state Internet management system, that is a pornographic video and providing a direct link, all in their own management, the use of the site, the spread of pornographic video Number amounted to 357, 3218.01 yuan of illegal profits, if the circumstances are serious, the behavior has constituted the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials, the prosecutor accused of the criminal facts are clear, the evidence is reliable and sufficient, convicted, the court shall support. In view of the defendant often Moumou after appearing in court truthfully confesses his crime, is frankly, the law can be punished more leniently. Then made the above decision. (Yue Feng, any Xin)

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