Wanda listed in Hong Kong in today’s news that raising up to $3 billion 900 million or Wang Jianlin

A5 station network 12.8 news: according to Sina News that micro-blog Internet, Chinese largest commercial real estate Wanda Group Dalian (Dalian Wanda) today in Hongkong’s initial public offering (IPO) to raise up to $3 billion 900 million.

earlier media reports said, Wanda Commercial real estate Limited by Share Ltd in December 5th to launch global roadshow, and in December 19th officially listed on the HKEx, the industry is expected to raise funds there are two possibilities, one is more than $6 billion for more than $10 billion. Wanda today in Hongkong initial public offering (IPO), up to raise $3 billion 900 million, so it seems, Wanda is expected to raise more than 6 billion U.S. dollars of funds. The specific amount has yet to be further tracked.

Internet thing that sina screenshot

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