P2P enterprises in Beijing, a large number of vacant grade A office space increased

over the past one or two years, the Beijing grade A office market may be P2P and the like of the new financial companies from love to hate.

international real estate services — the first Pacific Davies released the latest report shows that in the Beijing office rental market, domestic financial companies still active, but in the rental demand at the same time, the instability also led to the emergence of individual projects and frequent adjustment of tenants phenomenon.

from the beginning of last year, the Beijing office market experienced a relatively low period to certain P2P financial enterprises large rent for the fuse, resulting in the whole of Beijing city in the area of each core, the total hundreds of thousands of meters of vacant cottage." First Pacific Davies, senior director of the Department of commercial building in North china.

two years ago, but another scene. From the beginning of this year, the demand for such enterprises is a blowout state, the size of the leased area is large, the affordability of the rental market level is far greater than. It is because of this type of customer, the average office rent in Beijing, a lot of leasing transactions in the irrational range. This is not the case of a rational lease, with the outbreak of the rental tide, the owners slowly return to rational lease."

Wen Shuyue believes that this phenomenon itself is not reasonable, but some owners for the lease pressure, chosen to take this risk, the later had a large area of rent and leasing of the tide, once again vacant area also played a bad influence.

this phenomenon also has an impact on other owners choose to lease the object.

"the easiest way to deal with this problem is the rational thinking, is completely in accordance with market supply and demand to analyze the market. When I choose tenants, to make more rational judgments. We also give the owners a lot of advice, for example in the selection of tenants, the tenants of the qualification, the level of rent, deposit amount, payment means such as leverage to reduce their risk of building; risk rating means to existing customers." Read and say.

according to the first Pacific Davies released a report in the Beijing office market, the first quarter of 2016, the Asian infrastructure investment bank headquarters official delivery, added 46 thousand square meters of office area of Financial Street area, the grade A office stock reached 9 million 300 thousand square meters (including occupied area).

in the first quarter, the overall level of the vacancy rate of Grade A office space in Beijing remained low, can be leased area vacancy rate rose to 3.9%, up by 0.3 percentage points. Thanks to a relatively limited supply of new, the first quarter of this year, Grade A office rents reached 339.8 yuan per square meter per month, the chain rose slightly by 0.5%, up by 0.8%.

market expectations for the future, according to the report, there will be 670 thousand square meters of new supply into the market, which is expected in 2016, Lufthansa and Wangjing areas will be concentrated peatlands. In the next period of time, the market situation of continued peatlands

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