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domain name dispute arbitration activist

recent dispute a domain name arbitration case for the Internet as a controversial internet giant Google Corporation, while the domain name for the grassroots people in the domestic Internet industry caused strong concern. According to foreign media reports, Google Corporation has recently submitted to the World Intellectual Property Organization has dispute domain name ownership, the current case is still under investigation. Google currently has, and domain name, the domain name is to access the page Jump to page Google TV, Google is the reason for arbitration is the domain name is the domain name error input method, similar domain name is easy to cause the user confusion. At present, the domain name is resolved, the domain name holder to enable the basin network as an alternative site.

through whois information can be found, the domain name registration time for January 21st of this year. The domain name has been stopped by the registrar. It is understood that the holder has also received a written document from the domain name. The domain name is Google trademark, confuse the public copycat website style, the behavior of logo. There is still a controversy whether there is infringement. Google said the domain name is malicious registration, intent to obtain traffic gains through similar domain name, with malicious registration and use of domain name dispute nature, and therefore requires the return of the disputed domain name rights. Google said that the domain name is its domain name error method, similar domain name is likely to cause confusion. For this argument, some of the owners expressed their views. Some owners said that if the domain name is the domain name error input method, then,,, or domain names are similar to confusion caused by the infringement and so on? There will be a lot of domain name confusion. Under normal circumstances, it is difficult for users to be confused with other domain name; and some owners said that the domain name for the common users open registration, and no provisions which cannot be registered the domain name, as long as no infringement in use, what to say malicious registration.

domain name dispute has been an important issue of domain name investors. Domain name itself is not controversial, the key is whether the domain name is similar to the application of the relevant companies or institutions resulting in infringement. Generally, this kind of infringement mainly includes malicious theft and imitation of name, trademark, logo, website style, etc., and to seek benefits and even fraud. Under normal circumstances the domain name itself and related companies are similar, but there is no direct imitation of theft in application, not by its similar and profit, not on other corporate interests of the damage caused by the infringement, not on the laws and regulations. For malicious registration, the use of similar domain name to get the definition of traffic benefits, at home and abroad

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