Digital domain is favored CCTV push animation cooperation platform


news: Recently, digital domain name has been blasting ignition, following yesterday after the opening, today Shanghai u-baby Mdt InfoTech Ltd officially announced to the media, will join the enterprise channel to create animation entertainment empire, launched a new game animation platform. At present, the domain name selected double fold digital domain name, the site has been able to conduct a normal visit, related to the upcoming animation section on the line, this message will further promote the digital domain trading boom.

by querying the domain name Whois, found love net registered in July 25, 1997, has been close to 15 years of age the domain name, domain name had a change in August 11, 2011, the mainstream suffix associated were registered, including suffixes are holding the same person, and they have been built game site. Visible in China, the highest rate of application of digital domain name or site navigation and gaming platform.

it is understood that was in June last year when the mysterious buyer was held at the GreatDomains auction Sedo purchase, the auction price was $10512, or about $68 thousand. Because people are fond of digital domain name, plus 2121 of the relevant domain name is built online games, then triggered a domestic media speculation that buyers may be Chinese, now the idea was eventually confirmed.

of enterprise channel: one of the mainstream media as the most competitive China, in response to the national policy and the call to help and support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises of our country, heavy launched " enterprise channel ·". At present, the CCTV network channel is vigorously promoting the development of domestic SMEs, in order to enhance the brand image of enterprises, to create a national brand with international competitiveness and influence, plays a very important role.


from the A5 information content partners love net (, please indicate the source.

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