Vice President CBSi site in qingsao, the jade emperor as an example

August 17, 2010 -19, 2010 China Internet Conference held at the Beijing International Convention center. In the "2010 thinkers of the international Internet Summit on" CBSi vice president of global Chinese President Mr. Wang Lu entitled "vertical website industry trends" keynote speech. In his speech, Mr. Wang said, all the webmaster should learn more and the Jade Emperor, and revealed himself to the top two vertical field of Internet future concern.


site to the Jade Emperor, qingsao entrepreneurship as an example

, "everything is for her, she’ll be flexible and persistent." This is Mr. Wang Lu stressed that all the webmaster are learning qingsao.

Mr. Wang Lu takes the earliest domestic BBS website as a case. In his view, a lot of BBS are created by personal interests and hobbies. But with the growing number of participants and the growing popularity of Web sites, the site will soon be commercialized. On this basis, the site began to edit the recruitment and began to focus on customer service. For the development of this kind of website, Wang Lu suggested: "don’t put qingsao opened the teahouse as their own assets, when your site is not strong enough, in BBS you just open a teahouse for friends to tea, to respect these friends, don’t hurt their interests at random." "In the foundation to improve the service consciousness, also must adhere to the principle of development of their own, all touch to don’t hurt the user experience and the users feel the brand advertising or other types of means of publicity, otherwise the profits will only be temporary."

when the site is large enough, Mr. Wang Lu suggested operators to learn the jade emperor. He explained: "we do not know the story of the emperor was unclear, the Jade Emperor actually have a similar one million names, he went to a town called Zhangjiawan, do a business, and sent a Genie for occupation managers." "When your business matures, the need for professional managers. They are more aware of the needs of users and vendors, which is at this stage of the site operators should learn, or should hire managers."


CBSi Wang Lu, President of China’s vertical industry trends in the site to share

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