2012Q2 China recruitment website covering 296 million of the number of job seekers is still a compre

2012Q2 network recruitment user size reached 296 million, an increase of 15.5%, the overall rapid growth. The main comprehensive recruitment website user coverage rate reached 78.2%, comprehensive recruitment website is the job seekers looking for work.

network recruitment website 2012Q2 coverage reached 296 million, a record high of

according to iResearch Internet users network behavior research system iUserTracker data show that the size of the recruitment of 2012Q2 network users reached 296 million people, an increase of 15.5%, a record high.

Ari analysts believe that, on the one hand is affected by the global economic situation, many people want to be able to try to understand or find a job opportunity. On the other hand, the major recruitment sites around the work to find out a variety of peripheral products, increase user stickiness, improve the number of sites covered by the crowd.


comprehensive recruitment website is still the first choice for users, the user coverage of nearly 80%

iResearch latest monitoring data show that in June 2012 the job seekers often use the network recruitment site distribution, the main user of the comprehensive recruitment site covering 78.2% of the total number of users covered by the month. Although there are some new recruitment sites, but from the flow and recruitment effect, at this stage can not compete with the comprehensive recruitment website.

Ari analysis, a comprehensive recruitment website because of its rich number of jobs, the recruitment of mature products for a long time with money to build brand awareness, to job seekers and employers to provide a better user experience, to find jobs and employers at this stage is still the preferred recruiting job seekers. In addition, the recruitment market in the short term it is difficult to have other competitors on the position of the recruitment of three giant challenge, oligopoly competition will remain a considerable period of time. At the same time, with the rise in recent years, a number of social networking sites, such as the rise of the street, the traditional recruitment methods to form a certain alternative. IResearch consulting, comprehensive recruitment website also need to pay attention to, through improving the quality of service, improve product structure, optimize the marketing effect to meet the challenge.

Zhaopin flow has certain advantages, other leading recruitment website

according to iResearch iUserTracker data show that the first half of 2012, the number of monthly coverage Zhaopin and monthly visits has remained the leading edge in the recruitment industry, the rapid growth of traffic; future flat; chinahr.com is a serious decline in traffic has been graduate employment network, digital network of excellence, beyond the site.



Ari analysts believe that the recruitment flow increases.

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