Public comment by WeChat to reduce the size of the attack on the United States but blocked the door

[Abstract] if WeChat beat Ali is "three play D, then the public comment and backed by Ali catch a ride on WeChat mission to the battle of life and death, is also becoming an easy job to do

?In the

industry veteran, beauty group did not imagine it cannot withstand a single blow walk very fast, it still, especially in the market segment; the public comment by rival demolitions underlying architecture, combined now hopes that WeChat mobile phone + QQ, dimensionality reduction attack.


deep throat (once the group purchase front-line entrepreneurs to the study on local life O2O, deep


billion state power network

billion state power network: the Jingdong, Tencent to "marry" and "concubinage" their cooperation on public comment, Ali, the U.S. group has threatened

?Deep throat: WeChat

coverage in the three or four line of the city is not so big.

billion state power network: the U.S. group by Ali, this is not simply to hold the thigh


deep throat: in fact, the U.S. group did not rely on ali. Rely on Wang himself.

billion state power network: do you think Wang Xing how recently, see him?

Deep throat: no


billion state power network: American Mobile really go so fast?

Deep throat:

mobile terminal is very fast. But I don’t think WeChat will so behind a public comment. On the day of the press conference, someone asked the Tencent, in WeChat, my bank card is not only put public comment, said the United States and other beautiful department of the species. Tencent said, who do well put who. However, the "good" in itself is a subjective assessment, I think it is clear that the United States will not release.

billion state power network: assume that WeChat is pushing the U.S. group, U.S. group will sit on the

rocket?Deep throat:

will, beauty, beauty if they don’t go wrong, will be very strong.

billion state power network: the company is strong in


deep throat: sometimes good to see his time, beauty group encountered several key points in time.

March 2011, the United States mission to the Alibaba’s sales pulled over, set up a very strong sales team.

2012, 24 coupons collapse, meituan placed 24 ticket team incorporated city. At that time, the city only handle, Wowo and 24 coupons, the U.S. group also not so much strength. The mission is spotted competitors, chose some growth potential of the city.

beauty group should also be in the first group purchase website of the mobile phone client, and then do a cat’s movie ticket in 2012 app. Cat’s movie tickets very humane. Cinema tickets are usually hidden in a very biased place, intended to confuse users. But the cat on the subject is very fine, tell the user route, like playing games with Zhang Xiao.

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