Uber can break the spell The climate does not suit one. in China

according to the operating mode of Uber, its competitors such as easy to car, AA car rental service provider.

is the Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission incorporated on the occasion of the taxi application, the U.S. car rental service company Uber is quietly settled in Shanghai, began to enter the trial period. Uber has opened four cities around the world in the service of more than and 40 cities. Following the entry of China, Taipei, Korea, Seoul, Singapore market, Shanghai is the fourth leg of Uber into Southeast asia.


in the past, foreign Internet companies in China, are likely to encounter the curse of The climate does not suit one. feasible, operation mode in foreign countries, often can not be good localization and defeat.

Uber will have the same experience or will overcome the curse?

is "western style" user experience

ready to enter China in the beginning of the beginning of the Uber experience, Uber has been on the Chinese Web site, released the Chinese version of App, and Uber registered users to publish an English E-mail to indicate that to come to Shanghai.

According to the official

mail delivery information, Uber is currently only in Shanghai before the French Concession and Xintiandi area to provide services, and limited source of car. According to the source of a taxi application in the Shanghai area to find the car source information, the current car source in Shanghai may be less than 10.

is the vehicle to attract users, Uber selection of models is the high-end western style on the level of the "black car" (black luxury cars). Models include Mercedes Benz S, BMW 7 series and Audi A8.

price is more expensive. Taxi starting price of 40 yuan, the lowest consumption of $50. Valuation rules are divided into two types: 1, $4.6 per kilometer; 2, $0.9 per minute. As a result, the user about the cost of each car is about 2-3 times the general taxi, currently only u.s.. Uber gives the reason that "as an international service provider."


as well as other regions, the user account will need to bind a credit card, the credit card settlement, ride in the user after the end of Uber, then the user to send the bill, the reason to do so, we want users to "noble leave".

in China can go through

is more expensive than a taxi, with a credit card and pay the dollar, these look enough westernization, but whether to please Chinese users, this is a problem.

a taxi application that Uber Shanghai is very clever, "Shanghai’s more foreigners, foreigners very good service". He is very optimistic about the Uber service in Shanghai foreigners.

another point for Uber is marketing and user experience. The person predicted, in Shanghai, he will use Facebook and Twitter do outside

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