80 own shop brand earning 250 thousand and 7 annual sales of up to 500 times

online shop earned the first bucket of gold network

"on the Internet search ‘Mbox music box’, most people think that this is a brand, in fact, this is just the name of our shop." Mbox music box Korea jewelry shop shopkeeper (Taobao name for the owner of the shop) Tian Yiwen said proudly.

Mbox, a sales trend jewelry shop, ranked first in Taobao jewelry shop. Notably, the store’s own design products accounted for 50%.

from the sale of unused items, to the birth of Mbox is the network brand, Tian Yiwen for 6 years. The monthly sales increased from 1000 yuan to $500 thousand, she spent a period of 7 years.

profit of more than 50% franchisees

more than and 120

in 2002, or junior students of the field, a time when shopping in Shanghai, Town God’s Temple, with 53 yuan to buy the necklace, a necklace of $30, three Necklace $53, buy it too cost-effective."


her whim in the auction the necklace, the earned 100 yuan. Then, she spent more than 100 yuan to buy the necklace, and then put on the Internet to go to the…… Simple snowball mode, so she earned 1000 yuan a month.

then, she spent 2 years, the monthly sales increased from $5000 to $1000 in the year 2005 sales exceeded $thirty thousand.

2006 was a big turning point. Tian Yiwen in Taobao shop, after a few years of sales increased exponentially.

2006, monthly sales of 30 thousand yuan, employs a staff of 4.

2007, Taobao shop for second years, Mbox employees nearly 10 people, monthly sales of $100 thousand.

2008, Mbox incorporated company, and stationed in Taobao mall, 15 employees, monthly sales of $200 thousand. 2009, more than and 20 employees, monthly sales exceeded $500 thousand.

is even more surprising is that the profits are therefore cascade growth. 2006 profit 10%, after the establishment of the brand in 2008, profit of more than 50%.

these data attract more and more shops to join Mbox. Mbox currently has 100 online franchisees, joining the line (ie, the store) also more than more than and 20. Tian Yiwen said, "for the online franchisee, no more than 10% of the profits, to join (a brand or store) is unattractive."

But in order to maintain the sustainable development of

, the brand on the Internet, Tian Yiwen franchisee is required, including credit, require franchisees to have credibility, generally do not consider Taobao novice; in terms of price, Tian Yiwen shop are all required to maintain the same price, the price is up or not allowed "fall".

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