nternet nformation Office according to the law to shut down 42 websites involving network rumors

In April 12, Beijing

newspaper (reporter Liu Yang) National Internet information office director of network news Liu Zhengrong, deputy director of the Coordinating Bureau of the Ministry of industry and information technology Zhao Zhiguo Communications Security Bureau today on the situation of punish network rumor interview, informed the rectification measures and achievements of Internet rumors recently, and the related work will be carried out by introduction.

clean up the rumors of the network stage results significantly

Liu Zhengrong, Zhao Zhiguo said in an interview, all kinds of network rumors appeared frequently, especially recently, the Internet rumors has become a social nuisance, but also seriously interfere with the normal network communication order, a direct threat to the healthy development of China’s internet.

relevant departments recently punish network rumor has taken a series of actions and initiatives, in addition to investigating and closed a number of rumors pass rumors, neglect the adverse social impact of the website, the public security organs in the online rumors Lee, Tang and other 6 people detained, the other related personnel spread rumors in the the Internet were admonished education. At present, the action to clean up rumors online has achieved significant results. Since mid March, according to incomplete statistics, various types of network rumor information internet information management department in conjunction with the communications and public security departments of the clean-up has reached more than 210 thousand, to close down the site has reached 42, the network environment has improved.

key to curb micro blog rumors pass rumors

Liu Zhengrong pointed out that the use of the Internet rumors pass rumors is illegal, I owned many legal provisions to punish network rumor. For some rumors spread through the micro blog site, this phenomenon has aroused great attention, has been to curb rumors and other illegal and harmful information dissemination through micro blog as the focus of work. Some netizens do not know the truth or to attract attention, forwarding rumors, rumors spread quickly. The work also found that there are foreign Internet users through the territory of China’s Micro blog site manufacturing and spreading rumors. In this case, both the complexity of the network, but also the Internet does not implement the statutory obligations and obligations. To solve these problems, the need for government departments and the Internet industry efforts, but also the majority of Internet users do not believe rumors, do not pass rumors, rumors of rumors, consciously resist the positive report, jointly create a social atmosphere of Internet rumors people cry.

will intensify efforts to punish network rumors

two person in charge informed of the upcoming work in depth. According to reports, the Internet information management and communication management department will further investigate implementation of legal liability, resulting in the spread of rumors, the adverse social impact of illegal websites; the public security organs to ignore the law the rumors pass rumors, shall be punished according to law; the positive role of industry associations, strengthen self-discipline, consciously launched the industry boycott the network rumors; will give full play to the social supervision, media supervision and positive role, mobilize the masses to actively report rumors, to reward meritorious persons; the network will carry out the legal and moral education in the whole society, Guide >

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