Zhou summary 360 acquisition of 360.com pornographic domain value of $55 million 620 thousand

renamed China (eName.cn) February 6th news this week, the most shining star is the 360 company acquired the domain name 360.com from the hands of overseas Vodafone, suspected the price of nearly 100 million yuan almost all minon eyes bright blind. In addition, in the latest issue of the DN week list, porn domain Porno.com to $8888888, about 55 million 620 thousand yuan to get this list top.

domain name 360.com lead digital wave


figure: domestic domain name trading week dynamic

in the domain name market this week, in addition to the most attractive 360.com, there are a number of high-quality digital domain name transaction, 2 digital domain 73.com changed again this week, 3 712.com, 615.com, 111.org digital domain are to complete the transaction this week.

in the phonetic domain, "worry free" Larry domain wuyou.com price of 1 million yuan to sell, "dinner" domain name canju.com with six digit price. Kaka used car trading platform to enable the domain name kaka.com on the line, the domain has been the acquisition of 7 digit price. Cassava technology company enabled Larry domain mushu.cn station. Portable cloud acquisition foreign honey Amoy three spell yangmitao.com.

2 letter domain name vv.cn to millions of dollars of the price change, "ICBC" gh.cn, "the bus" bs.com.cn 2 letter domain names have also changed. Fun yet 6 digit acquisition of 3 letter domain name qsw.com. Everyone in the film all American community transformation, enabled the domain name rrmj.tv on the line, everyone in the film now click on the official domain name yyets.com, hit the "transition", click on the link to rrmj.tv.

porn domain Porno.com worth 55 million 620 thousand yuan



: foreign domain name trade figure

in the latest issue of the DN week list, pornographic English domain name Porno.com to $8888888, about 55 million 620 thousand yuan to shoot, the highest price for the list of domain names. Domain name Connaught.com to $250 thousand, about 1 million 550 thousand yuan price ranking in the top third is the domain name of the KHC.com, the price is $120 thousand, about $750 thousand.

in this list, there are 2 digital domain names, including 144.com and 8788.com, respectively, the price was $110000, $106000.

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