Open the electricity supplier media road, easy fast network how to make electricity supplier operati

lead: fast and easy business media strategy is committed to solve the user what to buy, where to buy "and" how to use".

traditional electronic business platform advocates to use more low-cost promotions to attract users, and we obviously feel that this era has passed, Tang Hengsheng, general manager of easy fast network, said the state of entrepreneurship.


Yi Xun, general manager of the network, Tang Yi

Based on the

at the beginning of 2015 proposed "business media strategy", is the implementation of the "fast and easy network links = connection" ideas, Tang Hengsheng said, "the Internet itself is connected, Baidu connect people with information, Ali connect people and people with goods, which is fast and easy to want to use 3C digital products, interactive go to the connection between people of different attributes." And specific to the implementation of intent, easy fast network hopes to solve three pain points for consumers, that is, what to buy, where to buy and how to use".

Yi Xun network was founded in 2006, is a specialized in the field of 3C digital business platform. May 2012, Tencent acquired Yi Xun network. March 2014, Yi Xun network reached a strategic cooperation with Jingdong.

electricity supplier media: heavy consumer experience move

in the easy fast network seems to be the electricity supplier to do a media adjustment is an imperative thing. Tang Hengsheng believes that the existence of asymmetric information too much of the transfer process between manufacturers, suppliers and users of the commodity, specific to the user behavior is that users do not know what to buy "," users do not know where to buy "and" users don’t know how to use these to buy ", especially in 3C the field of consumer goods is particularly serious.

therefore, the network fast and easy to carry out a strategic adjustment, to the "traditional business model of" heavy "light" treatment, provide "media credibility value" purchase guidance, guidance and information presentation use for non professional consumers. Tang Hengsheng said, "Yi Xun network media is richly endowed by nature do the electricity supplier advantage, the integration, shopping and consumption function second, improve the user experience, not only can complete the purchase, but also to see more interesting and useful reference information, reduce the cost of decision-making."

at present, since the implementation of the electricity supplier media strategy, easy fast network has been completed under the line, the line of multiple adjustments, covering the PC side, the mobile terminal and from the media side. Together with dozens of national evaluation platform, easy fast network also completed the congregation test alliance to build, trying to fast and easy network resources as a starting point, the joint Jingdong intelligent community, IT168 smart video resources complementary. The line end, Yi Xun also carried out many activities, such as for the group of friends of Yi Xun photo photography fancier, game games, audio experience and DIY installed game etc..

after the completion of the initial layout, easy fast network hopes to fine processing their media attributes. The three trends in the future are: crowdsourcing, quality

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