Dialogue Ji thirteen to fifth years, the universe in a nutshell, began to explode

The thirteen shell network founder

Ji said he was a science and engineering from the literati, he in neurobiology Dr. identity in the thirty years before leaving school, but embarked on a freelance Road, as a successful establishment of media forms on shell network, Ji thirteen is that it is unintentional: "shell the network can live up to now, but also to get investment, is really very lucky".

22 this month, just after the four anniversary of Party near the shell network officially announced the completion of the C round of financing, the amount of $20 million, in addition to IDG, the original shareholders to vote, Chinese education enterprise future as the lead cast hit $15 million, the shell network into the online education industry in the layout.

in other words, the capital market recognition of the shell network began restructuring actions — the summer of 2013 last year, shell network will be a MOOC online in the community (large open online courses) group to upgrade to become a fully functioning sub brand MOOC college, quality courses overseas Everfount into the domestic – perhaps this is Ji Shisan said the biggest "lucky".

in a nutshell network is located in Lang Park Ji thirteen Vintage office, the great interest of the layout of some eggs showed me, for example, in the conference room of the glass wall, a seemingly random color as a decoration, but in fact these color is by the difference between the color and size do the corresponding encoding for 26 English the letters, together constitute Darwin’s "origin of species" in the prologue of content, such as the corner of a treadmill, there is a lamp above it, the staff on the treadmill, will drive the power supply device of the light tube, the symbol of science can pass through solid objects, but still need to bring force it is energy.

is like a more ordinary young artists are showing their collections of books and records, the language is full of pride.


Ji thirteen, shell network seems to be such a generous boast of personal work.

a group of science home entrepreneurial experiment

shell network’s predecessor, is the scientific squirrel, which is a popular science to NGO. After two years of development, scientific squirrel brand gradually louder, but this kind of mode of NGO development progress in Chinese, but always optimistic, even the registration of legal status is not an easy thing.

"let the return of public welfare, let’s go commercial business", this is Ji Shisan the new shell network project in the scientific squirrel outside of the mind, this is the first hurdle to cross thirteen Ji: in order to achieve the same purpose, sometimes may need to try more than one kind of means.

get the money after I began to do the shell network, in the beginning, I do not understand this thing entrepreneurship, didn’t feel what, actually a little VC is pushing forward the meaning of "Ji thirteen admitted in business this matter span is too large, a >

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