Spicy comments nternet Plus + = cheat cheat union station

just one day to see the following deceptive information:

see GOOGLE ads in QQ deceptive advertising, Adsense through GG cheat net name, accidentally cheated the webmaster himself;

see a webmaster was cheated, because he wants to buy GG, Ali mother, Baidu and other advertising methods of cheating the results of the seller cheated hundreds of dollars;

see NarrowAD cheat webmaster information, webmaster hard to do for a few months the cost of advertising last points do not give, also, sealing;

see the phone registration see yellow film information, the victim is the net name, but the final victim I should be a webmaster;

see someone selling online can be downloaded to the program for sale, new Adsense webmaster cheat;

see a webmaster posing as other webmaster to do intermediary transactions, let the webmaster directly to the money to his account;

see someone cheating, using software and other methods to provide click or site traffic, and then sell to other Webmaster Station;

see my QQ mailbox every day at least 100 spam messages, of which there are at least 50 of the personal webmaster issued;

saw a number of alliance software bundled together, and then go to the webmaster do monthly, said SKYPE download advertising, the owners personally tested, found that the installation of the so-called SKYPE after a lot of Trojans and viruses, machine card dead old real, old he would engage in engage in machine more than 5 hours, the average user only re install the system;

just one day to see so much, but it seems to be cheated and cheated, there is always a "webmaster" this word.

The composition of the

Alliance: the initial should be the webmaster, and then do the big, with some money to start the league.

For example: the traffic flow

alliance alliance in order to expand, advocate their own, let the webmaster to join, add code to the webmaster to join, advertising, display, basically 99% is temptation or sell products or brush flow.

alliance cheat webmaster webmaster cheat netizens results = = Internet users no longer believe in the internet.

Ali mother, Baidu alliance, GG alliance is how these big circle it?.

first of all these big leagues began to use their own sufficient funds to burn themselves, basically a webmaster are trying to do these big league. After several times or not through the audit, and finally no way to buy accounts, some directly through the. We began to put their own code on the station, advertising shows up. Which have a variety of advertising, because those ads also provide at least half of owners, such as GG and QQ advertising information lie again, the other half is the real business, but the name came to stand is concerned about what he like, rarely go to the point of advertising, especially those without formal any temptation or preferential type advertisement. >

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