Five shopping sites that may change the way people consume


is now more and more relaxed and convenient online shopping, online shopping, may have changed the way people shop forever. According to Data quest Inc comScore data, compared to 2011, the U.S. e-commerce market grew 15% in 2012, to maintain a continuous growth of the 7 quarter of two digits. There are 42% goods seller shipping free postage, one of which is the key factor driving consumer shopping.

it is speculated that by 2015, the U.S. online shopping market will reach $300 billion. With more and more consumers began to online shopping, more and more companies are changing the way they sell products, but also changed the way consumers shopping. The following five shopping sites may change the way people consume:


Storenvy was founded in 2008, Storenvy help various sellers shop sellers, some of them are of interest, there is a large supermarket. In Storenvy can be simple and quick shop, independent operation, the store can be personalized settings. Storenvy businesses will be put together like a market, to bring consumers a new shopping experience.

Storenvy shopping model is evolving into a social network era template store platform, not only to break the restrictions on the seller’s shop, but also to give consumers a unique social shopping experience. 2011, Storenvy turnover increased by 4 times, a total of more than 10000 stores in the store, attracting millions of shoppers in the year of 1.8. The platform is free to use, premium features.



many online shopping sites are innovative browsing and shopping experience quietly changed our way of spending, however, there is no one company can be like Augment as a thorough reform of online shopping technology.

, a French company that uses a realistic enhancement technology, users can see the product on the screen to hear the real sound, video and pictures. Augmented reality technology is not a Augment, just Augment this technology with 3D view reality on a computer or mobile phone, give users an unprecedented shopping experience. Than the current one of the plane photo display mode, augmented reality display technology to bring consumers a more intuitive, more realistic shopping experience.



Threadflip is a fresh baked website, just launched in April this year, focusing on social networking online shopping. On Threadflip, users can buy and sell women’s fashion items, including clothing and accessories. Thre>

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