Ma Jiajia, Hao Chang, Xiong Jun, carved lord… They raise tuition on WeChat


before and after the Spring Festival, in addition to WeChat red everywhere, my circle of friends is also a very interesting article on the topic that is repeated Shuabing, congregation and disruptive business. I and several business circle of friends while onlookers while thinking, so have the following words, more records, dear readers please pat.

event: WeChat executives raise tuition fees, the Internet thinking on the central European

January 19th, WeChat founder Hao Chang Huang Taiji took the lead in the circle of friends published a report entitled "thinking of using the Internet to make China" article, then 90 Allison, 91 Ma spicy female assistant developer Xiong Jun, easy to wash food Zhang Yang, carved sirloin Lord Meng wake and other avant-garde entrepreneurs have also issued a document on the EU for yourself entrepreneurship camp fund-raising fund-raising. Until recently the morning of February 10th, the Chen rice media just three hours of successful fundraising 118 thousand, completely detonated mobile business circle, circle of Mobile Games CEIBS entrepreneurship camp also caused concern, talk about WeChat congregation raised this approach.

turn back to these articles, the content or sincere or humorous, or passion or reason, but by going to a purpose: to raise enough 11.8W yuan central tuition! What is this not help people to participate in the EU course no money to pay tuition, on the contrary, most of them are the most entrepreneurial Chinese abuses the China, representing the latest generation of core entrepreneurial strength. It turned out that the Internet thinking to go to school, is the founder of the central European business camp professor Li Shanyou (founder of cool 6 network) for students to enter the first test of the establishment of China EU entrepreneurial camp.

professor Li Shanyou’s Internet thinking, but also let me have a lot of thinking:

think about one: what is the current trend of public


"raise" the word originated from the western countries, which means to show creative behavior, access to public financial assistance. As for this article, the congregation to raise, only talk about the narrow perspective of entrepreneurship. Domestic entrepreneurs to raise the concept of the public is relatively late, the word was talked about is just a matter of the past two years. In foreign countries, such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo and other websites have fun with all the chips, said the congregation raised a "trend" is not an exaggeration. In foreign countries, speaking of start-up funding shortage, the first time is to raise the public network; and in China, not enough money, the first time is to find the father, for the godfather, looking for investors, looking for a bank. In contrast, China venture financing necessity, high failure rate and long time will start as can be imagined, this reality also reflects the differences between East and west of the capital market and entrepreneurial ideas for innovation, entrepreneurship inclusive compete.

in fact, whether it is to raise the public mechanism of the initiator or the consideration from the perspective of investors, it is a higher risk than the traditional way of investment efficiency. Investors can get capital appreciation in the shortest time, and the initiator can to deal with capital flow in the most flexible way of the problem. Under the conditions permitted by law

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