nternet marketing adhere to the three principles can make the site in favor of invincible

what kind of marketing way is the best? On the Internet, enterprises face a variety of marketing methods, like a person walked into the maze, do not know how to choose, in fact, the Internet after more than and 10 years of development, already has a fixed rule, that is the flow is king, such as on what is actually in the lead flow, as it is now the fire red net, Shanghai website construction, it is in order to fight the traffic and fire



Comparison of

network and the red star, the biggest difference is that celebrity endorsements of products, red net direct selling products! That is to say, a star to start with good product endorsements, endorsement price, finished an advertisement for cash out, this product does not make money, and the stars never mind, much as before for some time, the popular online a piece, said Jackie Chan endorsement of the product is basically dead, this is a sad story! And experts have begun to analysis why please Jackie Chan endorsement has become the product of "farewell", is because the endorsement fee is too high, but only one enterprise, bring the the flow is not ideal, for example, spent a lot of money to do things, the rate of return is too low!

network and red star endorsement is completely different, the net red is the direct sales of products, it is said that a logical story telling, this is not too good to sell books in the bookstore logical thinking it is easy to buy a few thousand copies, with Luo Pangzi’s personal charm on the sale of the book to explain the penetrating, let your subconscious to buy! And those Taobao stores network anchor net is so red, red, selling clothes, selling virtual currency…… They have direct contact and products, that is, the sale of products sold each one, are able to get 10% or more of the Commission, obviously, with a strong fan base, red net has great ability to sell


talk about the network and the red star, Shanghai website now, talk about the site need to adhere to what the three principles in the marketing process, can be in an invincible position

!One of the principles of

: traffic is the key, but can not be tied to a tree.

site traffic the first search engine can bring more than 70% or more, but with the rise of mobile Internet, APP can bring traffic directly, bring traffic to the site is actually a lot, because the past search engines accounted for 2/3 of the traffic, so many websites have put much effort in the search engine, the results. Once the search traffic plummeted, site traffic declines immediately. So, do not fix the drainage of a place, as long as you can bring traffic to the site, do not give up!

two: social media, although very fire, but do not be too entangled.

a person’s social circle true friend actually fingers can count, a brisk sales of the products, a lot of people you are not known, so that social media is fire fire, but from the marketing point of view, if too much time on social media, it is is not worthwhile, not only to consume a lot of time, but the return is very low.

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