Tencent announced the cancellation of cloud synchronization function

According to the May 17th

news, IT home users reflect the day before the Tencent spicy minced chicken, push the latest version of cloud upgrade, update the contents of the display, the Tencent will cancel the synchronization cloud disk function.


synchronous disk function, which means to cancel the automatic upload and download function, the user can only backup and delete operations in the future of SkyDrive and local file manually.


previously, Tencent cloud team made announcement that the Tencent will be closed on May 27, 2016 24:00 points cloud cloud file transfer station function, users have to file transfer station file backup or mobile cloud to other folders and suspend using file transfer station function as soon as possible.

Since 2016 115, SkyDrive

, SkyDrive UC, Sina micro disk, fast thunder disc, HUAWEI SkyDrive and many other online network data storage products announced the closure of file storage, sharing. In addition to cooperate with regulatory special treatment SkyDrive action, the SkyDrive group closed also means that this free business model failure.

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