A plurality of digital domain name 954.com renamed node take the value of 405 thousand yuan

renamed China (eName.cn) February 13th news, recently renamed the digital domain name Chinese held special auction, currently there are a number of prices in the million domain node shot, which 954.com took a price of 405 thousand yuan.



domain of 954.com can be regarded as "9=5+4", which is in the American state of Florida telephone area code, simple and easy to remember, catchy. In addition, 3 digital domain name 828.com.cn price of $23500 to shoot, 780.com.cn also took the price of 10 thousand yuan.

4 digital.CN domain name, the domain name of Heilongjiang Hegang 0468.cn price of 12000 yuan to 17500 yuan to take the 7890.cn node; node beat; 4666.cn 108 bids, and ultimately to 19500 yuan shoot.

4 digital.NET domain 0350.net also take a price of 16000 yuan, the domain name for the area code of Shanxi Xinzhou area, can be used to build regional portal network, travel network, real estate website etc..

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