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              1896, winner of the Nobel prize for literature in Sienkiewicz’s description of ancient Rome Christian epic novel "where are you?", "where to go" is like a ghost floating around, but the nation and each person’s heart. So the Internet is not a long history from BBS, MUD, news group, e-mail, to the website, IM, search engine, from Web1.0 to Web2.0, the separatist warlords in the flames of war.

2006, hot Web2.0 concept, looks like a revolution, its achievements are detonated "user generated content" climax, "You" has become the Time’s person of the year, but with the blog become portal standard, Web2.0 concept of cold, people began to think about the Internet "where to go" – what the Internet is the next ground



with SNS, both foreign Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Google, or the net inside school, happy, 51, Sina, Baidu, Sohu, Tencent, Alibaba, and even mobile, China Unicom and HUAWEI, are plunged into SNS. The value of SNS has been fully recognized by these internet giants, they recognize that SNS is bound to set off a new round of the Internet revolution. In essence, the meaning of SNS is no longer just a concept or an application, its profound significance lies in its people-oriented, focusing on the relationship between people. Its vision is based on the Internet’s real interpersonal network, designed to build a real online society. Who can see this opportunity, who will be one step ahead.

in this context, the country’s first SNS book, "the outbreak of the Internet revolution," a book as the annual publication of the focus of the book publishing industry. As 51.com CEO Shengdong Pang as the evaluation: "the writing was just perfect. Is the first time the Internet is just perfect, Chinese need such a book to interpret SNS yesterday, today, tomorrow, as well as its important role; secondly the content is just perfect, not only a profound and comprehensive analysis of the significance of the SNS on the global Internet users, but also discussed the effect of SNS on the Internet economy. This book contains a large number of rich and vivid story, but also into the author’s insightful ideas."

The change of

of the book on the current Internet made a wonderful description, like 97 years, founder Negroponte professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the media lab’s "shuozihuashengcun" was introduced to China, set off a burst of heat, let more people from the net, have become the earliest Internet entrepreneurs, more is the earliest a number of Internet users, so they have benefited more than others. And now, once again reincarnation (represented by happy SNS network) in the beginning, perhaps

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