Daily topic ios7 jailbreak tied Tai Chi provoke controversy

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network December 24th news, 22 evening, known as the "dream team" jailbreak released iOS 7.X jailbreak tool evasi0n7, unlike previous versions, this jailbreak in Chinese system iOS equipment installed by default app store is no longer Cydia, and become a Tai Chi assistant. Tai Chi assistant, an unheard of software, because the iOS7 suddenly stirred the system to escape the market, and is promoting the escalation of the war jailbreak application distribution channels.

22 evad3rs in its official website released iOS jailbreak software. But there are Chinese users found that after the jailbreak will default to a Chinese application store called Tai Chi assistant, rather than the Cydia store will be installed after the jailbreak. A number of successful jailbreak users, not all users will be forced to install the jailbreak assistant system language for Tai Chi, only Chinese will be forced to bundle, including Tai Chi assistant jailbreak will destroy the Cydia operation, resulting in Cydia cannot open or collapse. The language is set to English, Cydia will be available again. Bound "Tai Chi assistant" has also been confirmed in the prison official website, wrote: "we try to do more Chinese users in the official website of the evad3rs team, in this version, we began to provide a new mobile phone version of Tai Chi assistant, allows you to install the application, convenient management of mobile phone, as well as the source plugin."

for this reason, the author of Saurik Cydia on the Twitter, said he was suddenly surprised to launch iOS 7 jailbreak software evad3rs, because Cydia and iOS 7, there are some compatibility issues are not resolved. But it knows that evad3rs will launch a Chinese app store. What is even more surprising is that the emergence of a crack in the Tai Chi assistant charges. Because prison break is not equal to piracy, and the entire community is very focused on the issue of copyright infringement, so the practice of evad3rs have expressed doubts. The evad3rs core members of their own blog Pod2g also specifically stated that he is against piracy. The face of these disputes, the evad3rs team published a letter a letter for the jailbreak community, explains the sequence of events. In short, there is a Chinese company to contact them they want to cooperate, they will be informed of the Saurik, but there are other Chinese companies in cooperation with Saurik talk. However, the final decision or contact evad3rs and their Chinese companies in the Chinese market, the default installation of Tai Chi assistant.

and the company behind the Tai Chi assistant can not help but curious. A developer broke the news that the operation of the Chinese company assistant assistant named Apple quick assistant. The company claims that it is the first one to support apple iOS application download, install the PC side of the auxiliary tools, under

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