WeChat domain name buyer YM.com price of millions of dollars

renamed China (eName.cn) April 13th hearing, the April Fool’s day, the domain registrar GoDaddy overseas listing, breaking the market value of $5 billion 400 million, once again proved the existence of the value of the domain name. In recent days, the 2 letter domain name YM.com "domain name" meaning has been big investors to get a "heroic", it is revealed that the price of millions of dollars.


figure: domain name

it is understood that the domain name YM.com previously held by the United States, "Young Man" magazine, the official domain name of the magazine is YoungMan.com. According to Ben said, because the seller is a traditional business, do not know much about domain name transactions, so the progress is very slow to pay half a month to get the transfer code.

through whois information query, YM.com early in May 1995 has been registered, it not only has the meaning of "domain name", and "Yang Mi, honey, immigration, Yangmei, ocean, Yimin, buy, Yao Ming and many other products the meanings of words, or the Young Man, Your Magazine, Young Mommies and other overseas websites acronym.

2 letter domain character short, easy to remember, meaning more, from the product phase on it is expensive, plus another 2 letters matched with the well-known terminal brand image is more precious. Not long ago, Lu Jin acquired a single spelling domain lu.com, the price of up to 8 digits.

also in the domain name "or" more than and 10 years of Benz, is also regarded as the senior domain name investors, he had also worked with millions of dollars with the "WeChat" 2 letter domain name wx.com. According to the current domain name Ben said, has received 8 digit price, but he currently does not intend to sell the domain name.

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