Popular social game SNS tycoon one billion gift for the winter

day before the "super rich" and "sunflower acupointer" and "gold digging" and other popular social game of big and small SNS. The social game variety, easy thing to use, has become a leisure most indispensable. With social games, many Internet users face all day also have a new place to go. From last weekend, the super rich for the first time the phenomenon of massive users blocking the server.


this afternoon, from a professional promotion website can see social games shejiao.com, super millionaire has been devoted to the problem of the server to do a special announcement, and one billion gift to compensate users. Announcement reads as follows:


as a result of the previous server problems to bring a lot of inconvenience, and now we have the game compensation.

content: 1 billion yuan in cash compensation +20 charity +5 Zhang double card; hope everyone will continue to support the "super rich"


along with the rapid development of the number of super rich users, super rich in the last weekend to become the first massive users to squeeze across the server social games. Super rich is a simulation of social games, because it can achieve the dream of the user’s investment and entrepreneurship, and fun, playability, and therefore loved by users. In the super rich, the user can play a role in the investment decision maker, and then buy their own appreciation of the potential of the company. Enterprise price will be updated every 10 minutes, you have to look at the price of the enterprise from time to time, in order to choose the best time to sell business. In the case of the global financial crisis, the super rich to allow users to get addicted to social games, really hot in the white-collar crowd.

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