Talk about the domain name to make money experience

      look at the proxy domain is how to make money

      this year 35 year old Chongqing youth Gong Lichuang use of the hands of the domain name of the month, earn at least $50 thousand per month, more than more than 8 thousand yuan. Investment domain name can make money, this is not something new.

      Gong Lichuang told reporters that he mainly through 3 ways: the first is the domain name business profit, simply say that some domain name has been used for some sites, then the site shut down, but the domain name exists, there is some traffic every day. The registration of these domain names back to analyze the flow of those who need to go to the customer site, as long as there are Internet users to access the domain name, it will automatically go to the customer’s site up, and finally the flow of customers into advertising.

      second profit way is the establishment of the station, "I have some industry domain, such as instant noodles.Com, I then made a very simple web page to attract a large number of Internet advertising, the total count down several million yuan." Gong Lichuang said.

      the last profitable route is the more common domain name for sale. For example, in his hand, parking.Com registered only spent 60 dollars, but in this year to sell at $25 thousand.

      domain name investment return up to 10 times to 1700 times, of course, there are so many people keen on this. Want to do the best way is to find the domain name investment company agent, on the one hand you can get cheap to the domain name; on the other hand, the domain name market is large, but also can be used as your career to do. Here are some common types of domain name:

      CN domain name, on behalf of our country, the required domain of domestic enterprises. Including English and Chinese two. Is the most commonly used, but also the largest market. COM international domain name, do not do the introduction of the international top-level domain name. Generally like this top-level domain name must be the agent, because we are most commonly used.

      Chinese domain name is based on the Chinese character as the carrier, the Chinese account for 25% of the world population, and the Chinese domain name is very convenient, easy to remember, meaning rich. Since the introduction of Chinese people have been generally welcomed. Imagine how big the market would be. There are 14 kinds of Chinese domain, are commonly used Chinese.CN,.Com,.Net, Chinese Chinese Chinese. Chinese. Network company,.Hk,.Biz, Chinese Chinese, Chinese.Sh, there are some special Chinese.Io, Chinese.Ac,.Tw.CC,.TV Chinese Chinese Chinese, Chinese.TM, domestic enterprises only with all the Internet era.


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