2012 independent B2C dead! Tmall postwar pattern



tiger sniffing note:

in for half a year ago in May 13th, the electricity supplier analyst Li Chengdong tiger sniffing (at that time has not yet officially launched) wrote the first article topic is "traditional retail companies or Kodak will face the fate", when it comes to e-commerce channels of traditional retail channels Mieding impact. In the past six months, we see Jingdong as an emerging B2C and traditional retail heavyweights Suning confrontation, see Tmall Taobao hit a day crazy volume of 19 billion 100 million yuan in the global retail single day record.

can no longer hesitate for the future.

and the current pattern of the electricity supplier is how the tiger sniffing the line on the occasion of half a year, Li Chengdong should be about to write the tiger sniffing this electricity supplier annual observation, we hope to help understand the industry.

his main point is:

independent B2C dead.

Taobao established a strong advantage in non-standard products, but the standard and super market will be the B2C world.

if 2012 is the battle of B2C, then in 2013 is a comprehensive B2C platform war.

Jingdong will not collapse due to funding strand breaking and.


to do a comprehensive B2C, improve the user experience, but also need at least two years.

foreign B2C will continue to play soy sauce.

November 11, 2012, is an epoch-making day of China’s retail, traditional retailers into the online market opportunities are not large, and the traditional brand of internet war has just started!

The following is the full text of Li Chengdong


"black Friday" is the American shopping carnival, 2011 Benchmark data under IBM, "black Friday" day of national network of retail sales over the same period last year rose 24.3% to $1 billion 240 million (7 billion 936 million yuan), and $1 billion in 2010. Assuming an increase of 20% in 2012, $1 billion 488 million ($9 billion 374 million). 2012.11.11 Tmall double eleven, Alipay total sales of 19 billion 100 million, Tmall 13 billion 200 million, Taobao 5 billion 900 million, this data has been thrown out of the United States several street.

in this amazing data, Dangdang as the occupancy of businesses, contributed about 10000000!

independent B2C dead

October 30, 2012, China’s largest online book retailer, the oldest B2C electricity supplier, the first landing on the Nasdaq market, China’s e-commerce company, announced the entry of Tmall. Only a short while ago, dangdang.com CEO Li Guoqing in early 2011 was shelling: "Taobao false >

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