Taobao customer marketing Combat how to achieve fast passive plus friends ()

had to admit that the individual operation of Taobao customers, most profitable channels or QQ, although Taobao Union rules change in promoting the development of the website, but the channel, a QQ advantage compared to these changes, for personal website operator, is tantamount to inadequate.


The operation of

QQ Taobao customers, friends is the core, a friend reaction, if the initiative is to add friends, will soon be restricted, and limit is not only a validation code, will prompt the frequent operation, to add a friend, then, how to add friends will take the initiative to become the passive


and share a train of thought:


believe that the regular operation of Taobao QQ channel friends, should have seen such a model, the image from the QQ space, random interception, I hope it will not happen to be members of the group of QQ space, in particular, moumou.

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mode as shown in the figure, upload some pictures, then launched a campaign to accumulate, the user needs to use your little finger, this article will talk about Forwarding and praise, then add friends screenshots, you can get the appropriate prize.

note that here is "available", not "possible"".

this is a very important point, if it is possible to obtain, is similar to the draw, and take the user forwarding behavior probability point of praise is less, however, if it is "available", that for users, is more attractive.

of course, as I believe everyone Wangzhuan practitioners can identify such activities is not achieved, boo head, click 48 like you can get a mobile phone? Not reality.

but, please don’t judge, not all people like you so smart a petty person eventually is still there, but also a lot of, so, in this way, we can achieve viral marketing.

users forward, the user’s friends will see, and then forwarded friends, and then a friend of friends will see, and then……

this is called viral marketing.

as a result of the addition of friends, how to implement, there are a lot of ideas. For example:

1, released in the QQ space Taobao customer information, make money Taobao Commission

2, operating CPA

3, operating cpc

4, directly create QQ reds, then hang advertising, CPT

5, sales of virtual products

6, on behalf of adding QQ friends


in short, QQ friends are the core, >

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