Network promotion can not only rely on the network why not online and offline combination

as SEO when you see this title, is not that it is not nonsense, of course, do network promotion is to rely on the network, or how called network promotion! Well, right, a branch of the promotion is the network promotion, but the new Chen here: do network promotion not only rely on the network, because this is not a concept of equivalent, why do you say that? Please listen to the new Chen you slowly to:


has such a sentence, the new Chen think very well, unless you are the world’s top 500 enterprises, then your business website does not need to do SEO! So, most enterprises have begun to do SEO, according to the survey of new Chen, now basically every company has own enterprise website, but the real importance of network marketing is not a lot, but really do this one is not a lot! And those who did not do well in SEO, where the difference? Bidding, capital, time? The new Chen think, in the promotion of the network they go wrong!

can use Baidu Search, do network promotion company, studio too much, they also have a lot to do good, many successful cases, but this did not affect the new Chen’s view, do network promotion can not only rely on the network. The new Calvin is meant, for now the social situation, we do network promotion, can not rely solely on the network promotion, because this is a trend, simple network has been unable to meet the needs of people, because with the progress of society, the development of science and technology, people have gradually integrated into the the world of the Internet, has been gradually understand the mysteries of the Internet, some things are no longer mysterious, but transparent. For example, a few years ago a very popular Wangzhuan, attract a large number of young blood, because I feel very magical, sitting at home can actually make money, but a lot of money! For example, very popular before the station traffic ah, relying on advertising to attract the edge of one grass root, let enjoy your traffic! But now? People are beginning to become smart! Use search engine to search keywords, is no longer such a vague concept, a word in, what’s more, more and more detailed, more accurate, sometimes enter a few words, even a paragraph search site. Also, more people began to avoid the network promotion, has been understood that this is a similar form of speculation…… You can not agree with the new Chen’s point of view, but we all believe the truth!

remember half a year ago, Chen received a new milk keywords, this is a local enterprise, at the start of the promotion of online business, for they are not very seriously, in other words is disdain, that time will give new Chen competent advice, we should not rely on a single pure network promotion offline promotion should be combined together, unfortunately, he said, put your work on the line. Then, the new Chen will find that there is a rival in the square, the school gate and so on, do a lot of activities, the scene draw ah, free of charge milk ah, do swim >

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