The use of space station to be the external beauty blog

mentioned a plug-in, play the game many friends all know what I say here is a website plug-in plug-in, theoretically now polymerization was external space, so users do not have to the site have been looking for the information they need, for example, we go to the QQ space for beauty chat, have been QQ space turned down, for a long time to find a beautiful woman, talk to her, not necessarily talk, there is not such a station directly included a lot of beautiful space? Not only included the QQ space, can also be a baidu space, 51 space, some of the beauty of the information.

and SNS 08 years will blossom everywhere space

thought that this can build a website, but not enough, if we only rely on yourself to turn some of the beauty of space information, inevitably mined information will deviate from the public aesthetic orientation, with the now popular dig to do this station, we can put on beautiful space information I think beautiful hair, but also their love of the top to the front, with these ideas and made a stand beauty dug believes that there are many owners in the tired, empty stare blankly at the computer do not know what to do, I love looking through some beauty information at this time. Don’t laugh at me, oh, there is a station now, nothing can be turned to the information put up, keep still can see.

of course just to play, this station never let alone to become bigger and stronger, not careful who tell you secretly using their space station user information, if this problem is solved, can do.

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