On the specific strategies of using bookmark to promote website

today on the A5 habit of watching the news, to see such a promotion planning news, "the specific strategy promotion website bookmarks on the use, I get points, feel very angry, so there is this.

not because online say, according to ah!

let’s take a look at this article said, "Baidu, Google bookmarks, QQ bookmarks, YAHOO collection", this is really to do? I am 2 months to do the experience of bookmarks, for everyone to solve the confusion.

Baidu: this can be done, there are two specific aspects of the effect.

A. will add to Baidu spiders crawl your website on the page, remember, this is the Baiduspider-favo (Baidu spider Collection), not Baiduspider+ (Baidu web spider). He will help you update the http://s.cang.baidu.com snapshot. Now there is no indication that Baidu spider collection will affect the ranking of Baidu pages.

B. Baidu collection is estimated that people are too small, I have done a lot of these two months Baidu collection, ranking is also good, almost no one came.

Google Bookmarks: This is not necessary to do. I see a month to the wise remark of an experienced person

A. from the flow point of view, Google bookmarks just look at their own internal use, you can not see the bookmarks on Google bookmarks, in other words, others can not see you do bookmarks

B. from the chain point of view, because Google bookmarks are used internally, no matter how you add, you add more, Baidu and Google will not be included.

QQ Bookmarks: This is not necessary to do. QQ has given up the product.

A. analysis from the perspective of flow, like Google bookmarks, QQ bookmarks, you can only see their own, but can not see the others, can see is that a few on the home page, you can find others through search, bookmarks, QQ has been a few years ago to give up the product.

B. from the chain effect, Baidu and GG are not included, because QQ bookmarks http://s.shuqian.qq.com/robots.txt, marked "Disallow:/home", and you send the bookmark in the home directory underneath, so don’t do useless work.

YAHOO collection: this can be done, but also the best effect of the four bookmarks.

A. from the flow point of view, because I have been doing for 2 months, every day there is traffic from the YAHOO collection. Although not many, but this product can be seen.

B. from the chain perspective, can be included in search engines, but not a careless effect.

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