Flee North Canton, the mperial Palace H5 Shuabing original red burst is a technical job!

we often say, event marketing can not be met, really want to refresh is not easy, but you look at those who are crazy to the circle of friends, everyone at leisure talk are pulling and so and so Shuabing events half dime, in Shuabing behind or some routines can refer to learning.

the morning of July 8, 2016, flight steward and new world planning "fled North Canton" incident detonated a variety of big V, broadcast, major media, network and so on in red, a trip has become a hot topic, from the morning has been since the media began to decrypt the marketing logic, or an event the planner and so on.






users participate in


offline advertising

about the event planning behind, here I will not analyze, want to share with you is like Shuabing event, you can plan out, can not perform well, the same logic again, there is no chance of


a few days ago and a Shuabing content is "crossing the the Imperial Palace to see you", an emperor of the Ming Dynasty singing Rap, posed by WeChat, the familiar scene of recruiting an innovation contest, a lot of people are attracted to share content, so the scraper is unable to restrain the emotions!



said Shuabing is a technical job? Although there are so many accidental, but as a marketing, planning, you need to do is to everything unknown in advance, how to achieve the Shuabing magnitude, not just media use on a number of key or the creative content, only after amplification.

then "event + marketing" really can refresh



, of course, is not absolute.

some people say no, someone will say.

I is the dismantling of event marketing into two parts, from the two angles and how to make the event marketing Shuabing may



about events

in what place, what time, what are the characters in (KOL, red net opinion leaders), it is necessary to consider the quality and quantity, in some people what identity, how many fans, how many number of characters in the event, absolute popularity.

but not just a lot of people even if it is a successful and creative marketing events, such as a brand conference please thousands of media, from the media

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