How to effectively improve the effectiveness of Forum promotion

  the Forum promotion is not to promote their own forum, but how to promote your site in a popular forum, propaganda posts will not give everyone to be advertising, if you just published a post, then the point is inside your advertising, this post is the people that is advertising, such posts to guide others in, not only will not bring popularity to your station, and may give people a feeling of disgust, feeling cheated, have a negative impact on your site. This simple and popular, visitors in here, don’t spend more than 5 seconds, and it is only in the home to look, there are few other pages to see such a moment, there is no traffic.

 : so how do we change the meaning of our forums on the forums? That is to help others, in response to a connection with others post can help others. For example:

you see in the forum to see a free space for the post:

Title: where there is free space ah

content: RT

then you can give him a helping hand, the answer is as follows:

there is a free space application in such a website, you can look at.

If you can not find

to (this is just to take a look at the address), there are a lot of space, and is updated every day, my station is also found here, the quality is good.


so you give others a help, can you introduce the website, but others feel that you are very eager to help others, you may often go to the site to look at, look for the resources needed, so it can effectively improve the propaganda of its own web site in the forum at.

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