The blog marketing need to own the new wine in old bottles experience

in recent years, with the rise of blogs, as well as the rapid development of the electronic commerce website, network promotion is one of the blog promotion has become you were the first to rush, one of the promotion methods must be done. If say, the blog promotion in all promotion occupies a large proportion of the blog promotion website traffic and bring success orders can say a lot, but if you don’t use blog to promote, it lost a lot of orders, should have some business, so the author will talk about the blog marketing, primary who should know and what needs to be done, it can be a good use of blog marketing.

first: for the beginner, the blog may not be strange, want to do a good job of blog marketing, then you must understand what is blog. Only if you know a thing well, you can use it well. Do not understand what is the characteristics of the blog and blog, you will be difficult to achieve success. In the simplest terms, a blog is a network of diaries. Blog is written on the Internet, there are some common log features. For example: the text is sorted by time, but with the write in the log book is different, the latest articles in the top of the list, the old diary will be sorted back.

second: know what is blog and blog marketing, so we also need to understand the marketing blog diary, what is the most important on? Some people say, copy the article, can bring flow, this sentence itself is not wrong, but if we really want to do blog marketing, simply change the copy. This article, it is difficult to bring a lot of traffic, and the blog marketing is really on the original, professional content to attract readers, cultivate a group of loyal readers, readers in the construction of trust, authority, form a personal brand, thereby affecting the reader’s thinking and decision, you only have a heart for this purpose, in this state of mind to do marketing blog, can you do what you do blog promotion brought huge orders.

third: how to do marketing blog? That is to say, if clever in advertising into your blog for you, is how to make your blog for visitors to your product or website to have more interest? To solve this problem, this point to talk about my own experience to do a little bit of Bo customer marketing.

In the early days of

, I have always believed that the blog marketing is the use of blog advertising, let many people know their own products, directly on the blog to write their brochure, write some advertisements directly to dry, or to other blogs to leave their advertising products, or advertising language, but after a few months of fighting, the people standing in the user’s point of view as can be imagined, and who would be willing to go to see such a pure advertising and advertising post it, nobody, not to bring the business nature, after several learning and exploration, finally understand what is the real marketing blog the advertisement must have, must be soft, must be in the ingenious words let the customer feel you in advertising, and to remember your products, in the course of time, your blog is.

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