Hot event soft marketing strategy

we have now entered a hot time, do not believe you can see, even if Baidu search engines like to put the hot news in its home page, and other media is filled with all kinds of hot events. Media not only to tap the hot spots, hot speculation, and some even create hot spots. Because the hot spots to attract attention, we are the attention economy. In the soft marketing, the use of hot events to write soft text and get traffic, to carry out network sales, is the master must master.

a, in the title to write hot events in the keyword

The importance of

I have a sales force in "how to write" the title of the soft Wen stressed the title of the soft, soft Wen Title accounted for the entire effect of article 50%, a good title to make edit using soft, can attract readers to read the article, can let the search engines fast included article. Hot event, people will immediately pay attention, also hope that the media published related articles, therefore, keywords write soft Wen title must contain hot events, this will be the media editors quickly adopted by readers attention, also makes the search engines fast included, to enhance the soft power of communication and sales force.

two, for hot events extended to write soft

soft sales around the hot events, many webmaster friends will be scratching their heads: the small owners potential thin, so that hot time, we all know, how to write the influential text? Yes, we can’t predict the hot events, can not write exclusive news, but we can the forecast and analysis of use of their own minds the future direction and development trend of hot events, can also comment on hot events from different angles, these are the media or website of hot events in-depth reports required subjects to fill the gap, media releases, such soft, it is easy to be used in media. For example, last year the "Amoy network" hot events, the author makes analysis on the future trend of search engine market Amoy network, "wrote the" search engine segmentation era coming? "One article, adopted by the webmaster nets and iResearch network, has received the good effect of sales.

three, mining popular hotspot

for unpopular in the hot events, is the most successful soft writing. The so-called popular hotspot, is in widespread concern hot events, neglected but very important or interesting things, causes, characters and other elements, if you can find these elements will write, from cold to hot, become the new hot spot. Such as the spring red burst of "sleeping sister", the Spring Festival evening hot unusually lively attention, in the middle, the sleeping sister is a very unpopular, when being keenly reported later, immediately became popular in the network communication. In the soft Wen sales skills, to learn reverse thinking, see you can not see, think you can not think, you will get the opportunity.

four, the business information into the soft


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