The essence of WeChat’s money the tide of social marketing

since the advent of the Facebook, the American way of social change has taken place, this trend spread to China, it has become a wave of micro-blog, WeChat. Just when the rise in the mobile Internet, the traditional Internet have a large coffee that, in the mobile Internet era, the fragmentation of time, will make the social platform become diverse and interesting.

initial social marketing power, began at the beginning of the micro-blog large, if a product information is forwarded by the large, the business will certainly make a big profit. This also led to a lot of people into the marketing errors, that social marketing is forwarding. But with the further understanding of social marketing, more and more people began to find micro-blog marketing is not accurate, especially in the new WeChat platform, the random forwarding form of marketing, will hurt the big social environment platform.

therefore, now want to use WeChat to make money, it is necessary to deeply understand the characteristics of WeChat’s social marketing platform. In recent days, micro-blog has also opened up from the media platform, which marks China’s access to the media era. In the media era, to provide users with valuable content, WeChat has become the key to making money, but also become a new marketing difficulties. Why is it difficult to social marketing in the past, as long as the business to shoot an ad, put on television and other traditional media, play a year, there will be results. But in the era of social media, we can get a variety of news every day on WeChat, information, very few people sitting in front of the TV for a long time, people who use the computer will not wait for a long time to see a media. In this case, in order to obtain the desired results, it is not an advertisement can do. In accordance with the idea of traditional advertising, businesses continue to create content into the network, the cost is very large.

but the social marketing platform of WeChat platform is different, such as WeChat, now the public account subscription, many brand accounts can interact with the user, this interaction can be one to one communication, such as China Merchants Bank Online answers. There are a number of communication is programmed, through the card type questions and answers, customers can get some answers he wants. Compared to traditional advertising, social networking platform for such communication, interaction, is a huge business opportunity.

in mobile marketing in the future, WeChat can be said to be the highlight of money. Now, there are 70% people, they will spend time on the use of mobile phone, and in a variety of mobile applications, the use of WeChat users exceeded six hundred million stable application, do a good job in this marketing platform, it is hard to avoid making money. Of course, WeChat marketing investment, the need for a mature evaluation system, only in a certain standard evaluation system, the brand or individual investors have the confidence to continue to invest in the social platform.

in the process of building the WeChat marketing platform, social marketing system should be placed in the most important position on the platform before the method should come up with specific management platform – the future of WeChat money platform, is no longer an overnight can roll the money. "

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