UC founder He Xiaopeng cast electric car A round or financing $50 million

[Abstract] now engineering R & D personnel Xiaopeng car nearly 100 people, mainly from members of the GAC, BMW, Ford, BYD and other OEMs, Delphi and other large parts company, Alibaba, HUAWEI and other Internet / technology enterprises.


Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on November 9th

Internet repairer is getting hot. In the car home founder Li Xiang announced and old rival Li Bin (BITAUTO) jointly participated in the founding of two electric car companies, UC founder He Xiaopeng also joined the tide, the founder of investment vehicles xiaopeng.

car Xiaopeng there are a few key words: cross-border SUV, intelligent interconnection, electric vehicles, automatic driving, one hundred kilometers acceleration 7-8 seconds, endurance 300 km, the price close to the people, plans to market 2017. At present, the test vehicle has completed 5000km road test.

with the car, car is also behind a large number of Internet heavyweights in the investment, in addition to He Xiaopeng and YY founder Li Xueling, Tencent executives Wu Xiaoguang, CEO Yao Jinbo 58 city, cheetah CEO Fu Sheng, Zhang Ying partners will also be involved.

Xiaopeng will soon completed A $50 million round of financing. He Xiaopeng told the Tencent of science and technology in an interview that the Internet repairer although the cost is very high, but it is a very exciting thing, this batch of people now have enough money and willingness to take the risk.

is not a game or mobile phone APP, in addition to making money is not much meaning." He Xiaopeng said that today’s era, more important is the ideal, rather than just satisfied with making money, the Internet needs more fun, innovative technology.

UC into Ali, He Xiaopeng is still working in a Alibaba, however, He Xiaopeng occasionally do investment, He Xiaopeng said, "China on the Internet in hardware, there will be some companies to go global, we should help more young people into the world."

Internet repairer repairer first need to

Before the

in Li Xiang, He Xiaopeng have announced the investment of the Internet repairer wave, the market is very hot, especially after the X Ranger car into the whirlpool fraud for the industry more controversial, the biggest criticism is that the Ranger team just copied the tesla.

auto industry as angel investors, He Xiaopeng is also very concerned about the Ranger car he said to the Tencent, science and technology, the car really difficult, big companies are afraid to enter. "The Ranger team is good." He Xiaopeng said, only in the process of operation Ranger team made some mistakes, because the car is complicated, very long, the Ranger team in a hurry. But this new market needs more teams together, it may be bigger, so look forward to more entrepreneurial innovation and competition.

and the Ranger team is different, the car has not been built Xiaopeng Internet team, and He Xiaopeng.

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