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in 2002, when the blog was introduced into China, its Chinese users are still less than 10 thousand people, in 2006, after more than 4 years, the Chinese blog (bloger) more than 60 million. According to a 2006 "blue book" media forecast: 2007 Chinese blog will reach 100 million.

more and more people to join the blog army, and the influence and exposure of the blog is also growing, advertisers have gradually attached importance to the blog marketing and communication.

since 2005 China famous blog KESO (Hong Bo) on the blog, hang a picture and the commercial advertisement, indicates that Chinese officially began marketing blog advertising. Over the past year, there have been a number of domestic marketing and marketing platform for the blog. More bloggers in their own blog to hang up the picture ad, become a business blog.

According to a survey, advertisers in the blog on the

, the first choice is the blog click rate, followed by influence and exposure times. Such as inexplicable, the original day visit amount of not more than 100 IP blog, advertisers will not give priority to. How can I improve my blog access? We are not a celebrity blog, can not be compared with those of the film and television business executives blog, they have their own personal influence, the blog is to increase its charm and influence window. If you want to do in the grassroots blog, Bo Bo color, make your blog traffic soared, the best way is to promote your blog. Promotion is a big meaning, not only refers to the content of the blog, blog content itself is promotion.

we can’t learn Mu Zimei "to win", also do not have the courage to do that sister Furong "narcissism Superman", but not with KESO and Massage Milk, has not stopped flying Wencai, night. Simple to old friends and colleagues "promotion", covering only a small part of the "original" readers, but no more readers appreciate. After many aspects of the summary and test, summed up a few tips, hoping to increase the amount of your blog to help.

1, make blog article title

, as well as news, bloggers should learn to be "the title of the party."". With a simple and clear expression of the contents of the article, the appropriate time to interpret out of context, involving hot.

because, most of the new readers through the search engine to reach your blog, some key words search rate is unusually high, such as financial hot key word world cup, stock, real estate, etc.. Therefore, in the use of the title, not only to arouse the interests of readers, but also in line with most people’s search habits.

again, a lot of blog service providers to provide interactive promotion services, such as labels, TAG, recommendations, etc..

2, will be their blog article recommended polymerization platform

Sina News aggregation site, the banner is the forum polymerization site, and now there are a number of domestic network >

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