[thinking] what are the mainstream users in China

has always been in the minds of some of the recent Web2.0 and Internet users interested in things, some ideas written here as a record.

first said a puzzled question me for a long time, such as abroad, many foreign things are put all the people as the base, very few people deliberately do first classification, if there is something that is made after classification. Take the plane analogy, first invented the airplane did not think these things need who to use aircraft, until now, civil words can basically achieve everyone can fly in foreign aircraft in those foreigners the impression is a kind of transportation tool only, and in a few years ago some people in China love always speaks more or less will fly that hang in the mouth, like a symbol of the plane ride is a kind of identity. Of course, this is a lot better in recent years. There are some reasons for this situation more or less income, but if the aircraft in the domestic invention, the aircraft is likely to become the special crowd like a special tool, ordinary people even if the money can not sit some types of chairs, such as the eight lift six to lift the chair. Of course, this may be just a guess.

above the main thing is to talk about a difference in thinking. The classification is put in the web site the unconscious person speaking. Of course, that thing can also be set in the attitude of everyone on the car.

douban.com for example, this website, a ID analysis of a piece of Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou three site characteristics in the techweb forum to see some time ago, very interesting, he will be in Shanghai douban.com as a bit of a petty bourgeoisie’s website, like the city of Shanghai City, the natural limit the development site is not, I think it makes sense, because from the curve of douban.com Alexa point of view seems to be basically in a relatively mature stage. On this the author of the post to this point due to the geographical reasons, although I feel a little confirmation, but always feel a little pity and feeling destined to transit.

from the post in the argument, douban.com is faced with a small group of petty bourgeoisie.

and douban.com are truly representative of China Web2.0 website, including keso and some well-known Internet commentators have said is respected on this website.

Now a lot of

Web2.0 website has not formed a certain scale, the problems they face users there? They face an incorrect user? Such as douban.com should not be for petty groups? Well, it will analyze another Web2.0 site representative, to make the reverse comparison. Www.di3fang.cn www.di3fang.cn is in the mouth of my friends in the industry will be likened to a grassroots website, can not take the stage >

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