Talk about my three views on health care website operation

now with the development of the Internet, a variety of Internet services emerge in an endless stream. A health care as people in daily life are necessary, there are also many webmaster begins to do such a website certainly cannot do without SEO, so today I share with you my care website a little insight, hope everybody looked after the harvest.

health website first to market research, look at you is focused on the part of the crowd, in the beginning, it is best not to align all the crowd, which relates to the common diseases of the elderly, and involve women lose weight series, so often seem to grasp very care for this and lose that, often leads to a wide, are doing well. So, in the first of the roads must be a good location of their target customers, is the young women or the elderly, or urban white-collar workers, this is very important, a lot of website development bottleneck is not clear because positioning. In a good position, the general need to pay attention to the following aspects.

first server speed

this is a commonplace talk of an old scholar but have to talk about. Many owners do not have enough time to do, but have enough energy for a web site, no change another, no network as the business mentality to do, always holding the mentality to earn extra money, so in some basic questions on the performance is awesome. The most obvious such as the use of site space, many people use some is no guarantee of space, causing the site open speed is very slow, the most important is the space is not stable, then the search engine will not give too much weight, ranking nature also not imagine the ideal. The first suggestion is to use a stable space, while the best guarantee speed. This is very beneficial for users, search engines. Investment in the space server is the foundation, there is no basis, many are empty talk.

followed by the model of innovation

mode innovation is not new, all sorts of strange things rather baffling, but according to different industries, according to the needs of customers, and others do not have bold launch service. These services, although the high cost, but in general will be welcomed by users. For example, the health care website if it is for the common diseases in the elderly, so you can open up a Xunyi quiz module; if you are a virtual goods transaction website, then you can create a report cheater platform; if you are a mall site, then it is a sign of group purchase; these patterns are not required and it will increase the operating costs and the cost of your time, but the effect is very obvious. In the course of the development of the website, according to their own ability, appropriate to open up some innovative modules, is also a very necessary part.

is finally a practical content

After all the

website or for customer service, the purpose of the website is to show the film excellent movie for the user, the health care website is to give some people need health care, so this is done in order to maximize the content.

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