Ggbang a discussion on the promotion of Taobao

There are many ways to promote Taobao

Taobao, today, combined with their own Taobao shopping and we explore a little reality to promote the idea of a customer. Everybody has a few female friends or his girlfriend also know there are always a few female friends, and now many female friends love online shopping, as long as the catch them. I think there are still some benefits. Introduce yourself to friends, friends, and then introduced to her circle of friends, so pass down, I think you can still increase the quality of IP conversion rate will be high. Especially during the Spring Festival shopping people, many of their friends, love together, take advantage of this opportunity to promote good.

1 for a promotion and you Taobao customer related to design your name card type, name card promotion, must be refined to make friends not willing to discard that, don’t do that kind of looks very rough, natural endurance can not. Look for more sophisticated business cards to refer to, or look at a friend’s wallet, love is the kind of business card.

must take the Taobao special cooperation website logo design in 2 on your web site behind the words special cooperation website is very important for ordinary visitors, they will think you stand very strong to be eligible and Taobao cooperation, also won’t see you as a liar, only got the trust of the visitors you have more chance to get the conversion rate. You have a chance to make money.

3 business card to send the object, must be the kind of more fashionable girls, or students, and so on. The old woman to the result you want! The problem is when there is a beauty to be accepted to his name card, then how to do this time? From his friends started to send one another more easily, the friend did not teach you how to do? A way is, Taobao cooperation website printed dress up on the street, I think beauty is also relatively easy to accept, see Taobao’s face he will accept, think of your clothes that print hat! In the street there are 2 people or 3 people wearing a hat that must be more conspicuous, others also really feel is what Taobao engaged in activities, then the time to put your name card out really is too easy.

said so much, put forward and we hope to explore the promotion of Taobao have some help!

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