Advertisements also have to make people feel tired of life

recently opened a portal in the earthquake disaster of our country concerned, are automatically pop-up ads and pop-up ads actually bother, can not be closed, unbearable, huff off this page again after the decision not to go to this website. I have been on the site of some of the mandatory advertising opinions, but there is no outbreak, after all, the site has our attention to the information, the event finally touched my bottom line.

for any business sites, advertising revenue is the important profit point, but if not handled properly, is likely to The loss outweighs the gain. As everyone knows, the website hits for the important role of the site, and most of the login sites are the site of the old customers, once they form the website loyalty, they rarely go to the attention of a competitor’s site. However, for the site, the difference degree is not very high, the site of some news website, he usually have; this web services such as blogs, email, and web site also functions; therefore, between the same type of website competition is particularly fierce, and the competition is the focus of customer loyalty. Foreign studies have shown that the cost of developing a new customer is to maintain the cost of an old customer 3-10 times; and a dissatisfied customer service, may be passed on to their dissatisfaction with 8-10 individuals. The important role of customer loyalty for the site, which can be seen. There is no doubt that the customer of any enterprise, its importance is the first one, then what is the cause of the loss of customers? A survey shows that 68% of customers leave from the enterprise to the customer indifferent. In today’s fierce competition, enterprises in order to maintain their customers, have established customer service centers, the introduction of a series of customer care plan, and strive to allow customers to establish brand loyalty.

back to our opening, I chose not to log on to the site, because those people feel disgusted with the mandatory advertising. So is not the site can not advertise it?. In fact, the site advertising is understandable, many people have accepted this form, and if put in place, but also for many customers to help. Today, the Internet is increasingly developed, most of our information comes from the network, then the site is concerned, how to arrange the ad will not be offensive, but also to ensure that profits?

I give two suggestions: first, please choose the right website. That is to say, do not do the kind of mandatory advertising, advertising should have a close button. The right crowd will click on the ads, the crowd is not suitable for the closure of the. Today’s enterprises, we should attach importance to their customer relationship management, while focusing on the interests of both human and humane. The kind of advertising with a mandatory, can not be closed, can only seriously hurt the enthusiasm of customers to log in, thus losing customer loyalty, paving the way for customers to competitors.

second, the site to establish customer care system. The simplest is to establish a message board, listen to the views of customers. Survey >

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