Make your QQ crazy, sharing QQ group promotion coup

said that ten years ago, it was said that do not know what QQ is, it is still normal, in the Internet is not very popular in the era, as a chat tool of course, QQ is a new generation of people to understand. But today, when China’s net name has been billions of times, if you will go online but do not know QQ, it may not mean that you OUT so simple, it is a bit of a set of people. However, today, the role of QQ is far more than a simple network chat tool. If as a network promotion personnel, your QQ is limited to online chat and friends to keep in touch, then you can only say that you are not a qualified network marketing staff.

is now the QQ number for the screen name, almost as much as our phone number can not be divided. A QQ is just like a cell phone. So, for the network promotion staff, if there is a similar with the QQ group, such as almost every net name are involved in the public tools and we did not use, then can only say that you are not suitable for the promotion of such work. So, we want to tell you, let your QQ crazy now, with QQ group crazy to promote your site, it will let you get good results.

may have friends say, I have used the QQ group promotion ah, is to add group, hard brush advertising, then a strength of T, finally took a tremendous effort, but not a result. In fact, we want to crazy, but we have to master the method, only the right way, in order to get our work to get good results. Below, I will introduce several QQ group promotion skills:

1, when it comes to the QQ group promotion, may everyone will suddenly think this way, with dozens of QQ numbers, each number every day to find dozens of groups to join, then the group crazy hair advertising website. In fact, the popularization of this method is very impressive. Let’s make a simple analogy. Every day with 50 QQ numbers each plus 100 groups, each group is calculated by 100 person, every day to send a website, then the calculation can know, we see a website will be the 500 thousand day, the number in the promotion effect is very significant, even if not removed some of the people in line. Still have underestimated the effect. In addition, the group can also send a group of mail, directly to my website to promote the use of e-mail. Of course, this method also has a great disadvantage, because this is what we often encounter problems with this rigid advertising promotion in QQ group to direct promotion, eventually kicked the probability is very high, also make a lot of friends for the setback. Moreover, this approach is difficult to get a good reputation and evaluation in the entire screen, most people do not like to promote the product or website in this way, not to mention what will be a repeat customer. However, this method is very simple, easy to implement, and IP short-term effect is good, wide range of promotion.

2, and the last method to correspond, we can also use another method to do our promotion. First >

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