Restore the real micro-blog marketing (two)

1.4 in the end what kind of micro-blog is really successful micro-blog

is not a high forward is the success of micro-blog? Is not many fans is the success of micro-blog? Not necessarily, by our observation we found that high forwarding and high number of fans is a standard to judge the quality of micro-blog, but not decisive, but not the only standard, we will give the introduction in the back to introduce, what micro-blog can be considered truly successful micro-blog.

1.5 understand micro-blog marketing

we said that any of the Internet for the purpose of marketing is not playing rogue, we talk about micro-blog marketing, so we have to understand micro-blog marketing. Here, I think the understanding of micro-blog marketing should include two meanings: first, the marketing of micro-blog; the two is to use micro-blog to marketing.

1.5.1 marketing for micro-blog

want to make use of micro-blog to do marketing, the foundation is to have high quality precision fans, no friends, marketing what? Because we need to go to the marketing of micro-blog, micro-blog as a product. On this part, there will be a special course to explain how to operate a micro-blog account, where we do a simple summary.

marketing micro-blog account mainly includes three aspects: positioning, analysis of the target user, the actual operation of micro-blog. No micro-blog could meet all the needs of users, so we must have a clear positioning of our micro-blog, want to do what kind of account, what attracts the target audience; on the basis of our target audience in detail, they do not usually on micro-blog, micro-blog in what in time, micro-blog on the main stem what is love, picture or text and so on; these are clear, we are to open and promote the operation of micro-blog account, waiting for release time will have corresponding methods and skills in content.

1.5.2 using micro-blog marketing

under normal circumstances, we all understand micro-blog marketing. First we need to analyze these four words: "micro-blog" and "marketing", which is primary and which is secondary? We all know that this is a phrase is a phrase, which is the subject of marketing, micro-blog is a modification of the attribute, is to achieve the purpose of marketing tools. Therefore, we are here to talk about, the so-called micro-blog marketing, is in accordance with the basic laws of marketing on the basis of the full use of micro-blog’s new media, to achieve the purpose of marketing a business management activities.

from the current point of view of everyone’s application, companies can make use of micro-blog’s marketing activities include the following:

– enterprise and product brand exposure;

– make interactive in micro-blog’s marketing activities;

– the use of micro-blog online customer service and after-sales service;

– customer relationship management.

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