Edge view Market analysis of today’s independent shop promotion program

is now online independent shop with its own independent domain name, independent server, let its enjoy more free publicity and promotion space room, also let them less in the promotion while maximizing consideration will encounter to the fate of closed shop. Personal point of view: independent shop, although independent, but the biggest obstacle to the promotion of honesty is difficult to be guaranteed, simply means that customers can not get more than your shop Taobao trust.

first, the premise of the promotion of independent shop is the store’s moderate price, style and quality should be considered above the medium level. If the price and quality are too outrageous, it is completely not to mention the following promotion, then the whole idea of independent shop promotion should highlight their own goods and services, affordable, intimate, the quality of the goods quality


for this reason, feel independent shop promotion, should be roughly divided into the following steps:

first, the independent shop can be appropriate to buy a number of site promotion, and now buy online site has formed a scale, and there is a certain market. To participate in the group, no doubt to expand sales, and now buy a lot of websites, you can go to buy a website to find the guinness. As long as the shop customer service contact, you can come to terms, group purchase promotion.

second, independent shop cannot abandon its own Taobao shop promotion, Taobao CPV layered off the no cost, of course, for it is very layered, find a suitable profit division, such as 100 yuan a men’s shoes, cost 50, and Taobao can profit 54 points, is Alipay Taobao customer commission is 10 yuan. This is more appropriate, in short, look at the owner grasp.

third, can be presented as a gift. My shoes bar – Taobao shop to sell goods, spring and summer two season is the most popular sales period, the owner should grasp the characteristics of these two seasons. Especially in the summer, some male customers to shop to buy shoes, mostly to participate in outdoor sports. For example, buy a pair of sports shoes can be attached to Lining, presented a fashionable sports cup, or simply giving Lining a pair of socks, the value of gifts and more difficult, but the attention of young people love fashion and novelty.

fourth, can be appropriate to put ads on some personal sites. Ali mother in the advertising trade forum, the purchase of long advertising, the price is very low.

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