Some thoughts on network marketing

      at the beginning of the article I should point out that this idea is entirely due to Wang Tong teacher’s article for SEO optimization articles ( to "excellence"), after reading, with deep feeling, so this time, I was in my personal identity of me the views of the development of excellence.
      said a truth, if not in the PR League saw advertising, I really do not know is still outstanding, in my eyes, see only the starting point and Sina literature channel, a large number of the original blog, then, what is the end to excellence?
      Mr. Wang Tong in his article, analyzes some problems and disadvantages about SEO excellence, I think is in reason, at least he said something really is not good, excellent improvement, but I also noticed that in fact if only the SEO up to 10 million of the height of excellence can help, actually think is quite exaggerated, but I also understand the practice of Wang Tong, after all, the title of the eye effect is always better than actual effect To.
      then, I simply talk about, if I look at the end of excellence, can improve the ways in which:
      (1)           search engine optimization, SEO
      the Wang Tong teacher write clearly, and optimize the technology, I believe that the superior asked several people is no problem, but Wang Tong’s article, has received some opposition, not because Wang Tong said in the wrong direction, but exaggerated the role of SEO.
      optimization of large web sites, is indeed very bad, a lot of pages is a unified template for processing, production is not possible in the small hand carved, so excellent SEO, can the overall change in some aspects, such as the template keyword set ah, again design templates for SEO, but the details are not very good treatment.
      comment: SEO is the need to pay attention to, but the need is the overall planning and actual operation, do not blindly exaggerated, do not take it seriously.
      (2)           establish the acumen to grasp the original literature

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